– Create an intentional life with the power of less

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minimalray.comMinimalism – Ray, a simple dude from Austria blogging about life-changing advantages of a minimalistic lifestyle. Creating an intentional life with the power of less. Hi, I’m Ray! A simple dude from Austria. I live a minimalistic and frugal lifestyle. This site is all about its benefits. I share how living with less unnecessary physical and mental clutter has changed my life in so many ways. Using minimalism as a powerful tool helps to ease my daily life and to increase my freedom. By making space for things that matter more to me, I gained a significant amount of time, energy and learned how to use money wisely. It gave me back the power to control and design the life I want. I aim to create an intentional life with the power of less. That gives me immense meaning and purpose. But don’t worry, this blog is not about strict rules and sacrifices or having a certain amount of shirts or pairs of shoes. This site is for everybody that seeks a meaningful life and is committed to contentment.

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