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Create simple contact form in Laravel 4 [2]

Here is step by step the tutorial1. Go toapp/config/mail.phpChange ‘drive’ from ‘smtp’ to …

After Effects: English – Deutsch [1]

After Effects: English – Deutsch Allgemein Layer » New Ebene » Neu Text …

Put qtranslate in the header of the Site WordPress – Official wiyono blog [1]

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Stylish text generator for Facebook and other Social Networks [1]

With this text editor you can put cool and stylish text on your social networks share. Is easy to us…

Official wiyono blog – Photoshop tutorial simple metal texture [1]

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Visit Indonesia 2013 []

The beautiful Indonesia.In Indonesia alot of fantastic venue and events will be held in these beauti…

Official wiyono blog – Manusia itu harus berusaha []

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Das Nokia Lumia 620 []

Auf einen Blick:Megapixel(s) Kamerasensor (Auflösung)3,8 Zoll Größe des DisplaysSnapdra…

Borussia Dortmund – FC Bayern München []

Champion League Final Borussia Dortmund against FC Bayern München in Wembley 2013

Official wiyono blog []

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